About Us

The individual leaders behind the vision of PTS are Najib Khan, Majid Chaudhry and Iftikhar Ahmed. Successful businessmen in their own right, who saw an opportunity to translate their success into philanthropy; Najib Khan of Sunstar group was particularly moved by the flood relief work initiated during the 2010 floods in Pakistan, Majid Chaudhry of Thothaal Group by the plight of child labour in the developing world and Iftikhar Ahmed of Pay Less Group saw the need to invest into social issues in the UK. Combining their philanthropic efforts meant they could make a huge impact on a local and international level.

They all have strong roots in their home country of Pakistan and their dedication to the PTS platform reflects their understanding of the need for charitable donations and investment back into the impoverished communities of Pakistan. They believe that success doesn’t mean you forget those who are less privileged and who could benefit from the resources we often take for granted. The charities supported by the PTS team include a range of organizations working in the UK and in Pakistan.

The PTS team, on the hand believes that investment vehicles can be structured in such a way that charitable support into the local communities becomes much more effective. This bridges the gap between corporate and social responsibility at so many levels.

This is made possible by the partnership working of PTS with known and trusted charities a few of which have been showcased on our site. “We have also regularly supported the work of a national charity Action for Children which aims to support young people into education, training and employment to help them to develop into resilient young adults. Whether leaving care, in need of supported accommodation, or supporting those with disabilities.

The PTS team is dedicated to making a difference, nationally, regionally, locally and where possible internationally too!