Projects - First Fruit

First Fruit is a local charity First Fruit, which is a close-knit group of social businesses, projects and hostels based in the London.

Their goal is to provide accommodation, employment and work-related training for homeless people and for those who are long-term unemployed (specially youth).

First Fruit aims to establish social businesses which are commercially viable, but which also train disadvantaged people in specific skills in a real work environment. These include: First Fruit Warehousing and First Fruit Environmental. First Fruit Warehousing is partnered by the social enterprise Green-Works in recycling office furniture from big businesses and institutions in the City.

The project benefits:

  • unemployed people by providing entry-level employment opportunities
  • the environment by diverting furniture away from land fill sites
  • charities and voluntary groups by offering high quality office furniture at affordable prices

Training is offered in warehouse handling skills and fork lift truck driving. First Fruit also gives development and move-on support to the employees. As with all the other First Fruit projects, the aim is to see everyone progressing into further permanent employment having gained confidence, training and a useful addition to their CV. The furniture is of very high quality and a fraction of original price.

First Fruit Environmental is a plastics recycling business established in 2010. In keeping with the ethos of its partner organisation, First Fruit Warehousing, First Fruit Environmental not only provides training and job opportunities for the unemployed but also plays a significant part in caring for the environment.

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