Projects - Manzooray Village

A total of 83 shelters and 117 latrines are being built in Manzooray village, of which 82 shelters and 109 latrines are now complete.

Once the quality of the water in Manzooray has been tested, drilling for water pumps will begin. These pumps will provide villagers with ample access to clean water and as an extra safeguard each household will be issued with a state-of –the-art water filter, courtesy of Del Agua. These water filters will completely eliminate the risk of contamination whilst the water is being transported from the pump in to people’s homes.

Work to rebuild Manzooray village began in April 2011 and will be completed by 31st July 2011. The PTS Foundation’s involvement and input in this project has been vital in getting this project off the ground and ensuring its success. The construction of the village has been ahead of schedule on many areas throughout its life cycle and this could not have been possible without PTS Foundation’s contribution.

Manzooray Project – October 2012

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